Body of 15 year old, thought to be of Syrian origin, found in Aydin

07:44 Oct 26 2016 Aydın, Efeler, Aydın, Aegean Region, Turkey

[From Hurriyet Daily News service]

The decomposed body of a child has been found on a beach in the Kuşadası district of the western province of Aydın, believed to be the body of a refugee trying to cross into Greece illegally.

Doğan News Agency reported that Kubilay Yeni Akgür, the owner of a watersport facility in Kuşadası’s Kadınlar Denizi neighborhood, notified the police after finding socks and underwear on the beach on the afternoon of Oct. 5.

Police officers carried out examinations and found the body of a child on the beach. It was determined that the dead body was a male around 15 years old, with police investigating the possibility that the boy was a refugee who died while trying to cross over to Greece.

His body was sent to the forensic medicine institute in the neighboring province of İzmir for an autopsy after inspections at the scene were completed.

The incident has recalled the case of drowned refugee child Aylan Kurdi, whose dead body lying on the beach shocked the world after being photographed in September 2015. The heart-wrenching image of Kurdi triggered awareness in Turkey and across Europe about the refugee crisis, with many people voicing anger at Europe’s lack of action on the ongoing plight of refugees.
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