Refugee tents are being evacuated again in Torbalı

19:14 Feb 11 2017 Torbalı, Izmir, Aegean Region, Turkey

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The migration of refugees coming to Turkey by abandoning their countries does not end in Turkey either. The refugees who were brought to Torbalı by their families to work in the fields were once again displaced by the district governor for reasons such as "security" and "complaint".

In the Torbalı district of İzmir, local authorities had to vacate tents and ruined buildings where the refugees had been staying for the time given to the refugees. During the past few weeks, the gendarmerie went to the districts where the Syrian families in the urban areas of the city stayed and sent the notification of the district governor, asking them to evacuate the areas they were in.

Every year the images of life are realized once again and the refugee families are taken to the area where they will be staying, either by their own means or by taking their small quantity of goods with their trucks. Refugee families are waiting for the same problems where they are going.


Some of the tent sites were evacuated while some tent sites were closed until Monday. It is said that the residents of İzmir need to rent their houses but it is not possible to rent houses for the majority of the refugees working at very low prices on the fields. Daybreaks cut money from journalists of refugees for tents and ruined buildings where refugees stayed.


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees remains silent against the problems of refugees in Torbalı for nearly five years. Due to the low harvest in the winter, the refugees can not work for long and can not earn any income. Refugees are trying to live with the support of solidarity organizations and charitable associations for food, fuel, baby diapers and hygiene materials. (İzmir / EVRENSEL)
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