24 hour NATO observation patrol near Assos, Gendarmerie present at night, TGC present during the day

15:32 Aug 22 2016 Assos, 17-52, İskele, Behramkale, Ayvacik, Çanakkale, Marmara Region, Turkey

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It has been reported that there has been 24 hour observation patrol operations conducted by NATO near Assos. In the meantime, Gendarmerie forces patrol Turkish waters at night to conduct arrests of migrants fleeing to Lesvos (GR), supported by TCG patrols during the day.


Ayvacik, proximity to the island of Lesbos in Greece last year due mainly Syrians, including refugees had become a transit route for hundreds of different nationalities every day. trash left by the refugees who recorded an increase in public order events here in the beaches, beaches AA had turned dump. Between the European Union and Turkey reached last March with Acceptance Agreement taken back for a moment to breathe comfortably, it had been a reduction in refugees crossing. Assos and local tourist attractions of the city in the summer, along with measures to be taken regarding the transition of refugees and tourism in the region and will stand in the passage, which was a subject of curiosity for citizens and will vacation in the region. Turks, if not given the visa-free travel back since a debate will stand Agreement accept, following an agreement with the European Union, the land, and then the strict measures taken from the sea these days, refugee migrations reached the zero point. Gendarmerie, human traffickers, refugees brought to the area to spend the illegally to the island of Lesbos in Greece with rubber boats to reach more ways than catching coast. One way to reach the coast succeeded, and hope to ride out the Coast Guard does not give passage.
Summer can be seen today in the hottest days, with 50 kilometers of coastline between Babakale refugees Galley Bay uses to pass, guarded by numerous Coast Guard bot to do 24-hour patrols. A warship belonging to NATO has been working in the area for 24 hours as an observer. Galley Bay, Assos harbor, Sivrice Bay, Street mouth of all citizens, especially the beach swim safely in the shadow of NATO ships and coast guard boats, doing holiday.
Assos Galley Cafe Bayram Hotel's owner Ertan, the refugees switch between these days, with Galley Bay is in the zero point of Assos Harbour and said vacationers can swim comfortably. big disgrace because refugees crossing in the region last year, explained that while Ertan, said:
"But it feels very comfortable in tourism this year. a warship under NATO control toured constantly doing in this area. Coast Guard patrol boats have been doing well in the area for 24 hours. Burning night light scanning coast. Gendarmerie night patrolled the coast during the day. All necessary measures have been taken in the case. Our region is currently not a problem for refugees. "
Assos tourism industry since 25 years working in the Genghis Meric, said this year's cut of the refugee front, said:
"Last year was very much refugee crossings. This year, our region have even one pass did not say where. The Coast Guard has taken the necessary precautions case. visitors coming to the area for vacation too comfortable. Because last year turned into garbage everywhere because of transitions. Before the summer season Ayvacik Mayor was built in a month cleaning the beach. He stood ugly at the moment. "
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